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Jardines Flamingo Scrub with Argan Oil and Coffee 600 gm

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Argan Oil and Coffee
Sugar scrub - with argan oil and coffee The scrub removes dead cells from the skin and removes dirt and excess fat deposited as it reduces the appearance of stretch marks, cracks and annoying pores and gives the body and skin a distinctive look The benefits of argan and coffee soothe skin inflammation Tighten sagging Remove dead skin Smell Benefits and Features: Promote effective blood circulation and turnover of skin cells. Remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. Smoothing and softening rough and dry skin. Remove blemishes and remove congestion


How to use: Put 1 tablespoon of sugar scrub in your hands and gently massage together using your fingertips, it can be used all over your body from face to feet.

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color Yellow
Size 100 ML


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